Fishing Gears and Methods Authorized in Chile Print
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Monday, 28 September 2009 15:59


Personal gear is the only gear authorized for recreational fishing in Chile. It must consist of hooks attached to one line (braided or not), directly attached to a fishing rod.

The use of any other type of gear, fishing system or methods such as nets, traps, gill nets, harpoons, fire arms, etc. is prohibited across the entire national territory. The chinguillo (a rod with a basket or mesh attached on one end) may only be used as an auxiliary element in recreational fishing, to recover the fish from the water once captured.

Recreational fishermen are not authorized to use more than one personal fishing gear at a time, and must use any of the following methods:

a) Spinning: This fishing method uses personal fishing gear equipped with an artificial fishing lure of any type, attached to a special line, where the lure or any other element, provides the weight that loads the rod when casting.

b) Fly Fishing: A fishing method that uses personal fishing gear equipped with an artificial fishing lure called fly that is cast with a rod, the line provides the weight that loads the rod.

c) Catch and release: This fishing method uses flies and after capture, the fish are unhooked and returned to the water immediately before experiencing injury.

d) Trolling: This is a fishing method of casting the lure or bait to the side of, or behind a moving boat.

There measures and restrictions are intended to ensure the appropriate use of aquatic resources in Chile. To this regard, the National Fisheries Service shall carry out the relevant actions and controls deemed necessary to ensure the effective compliance of such measures and restrictions.