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La normativa de pesca recreativa, le interesa consultarla por:

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Saturday, 29 August 2009 20:00


Fisheries Public Institutional Framework

The fisheries institutional framework is comprised by the Under-Secretariat for Fisheries (Subpesca) and the National Fisheries Service (Sernapesca), both under the Ministry of Economy.

Under-Secretariat for Fisheries

The mission of the Under-Secretariat is to promote the sustainable development of fishing and aquaculture activities by establishing policies and applying regulations to increase the social and economic benefits of the fisheries sector to ensure the wellbeing of present and future generations.
The strategic objectives of the Under-Secretariat for Fisheries are:

1. Propose, implement and disseminate fisheries regulations in a timely, transparent and participative manner in order to promote the sustainable development of fishing and aquaculture activities, thereby increasing the social and economic benefits of the sector.

2. Maintain opportunities to allow the joint collaboration among institutions, particularly those related to the fisheries sector, to ensure the appropriate and timely implementation of fisheries regulations.
National Fisheries Service

We aim to be known as a highly efficient Public Agency particularly in the areas related to institutional structure, technology and processes, and recognized at national and international levels, for our competence, leadership and quality service. We are known for our teamwork and for building the capacity of our staff. We thus intend to secure the sustainable development of the fisheries and aquaculture sector by involving the general public in the protection of aquatic resources.

The mission of the National Fisheries Service is to apply fisheries, aquaculture, health and environmental regulations, as well as international agreements that regulate fisheries activities, in order to contribute toward the sustainable development and competitiveness of the fishing and aquaculture sectors. It is also tasked with ensuring the safety of fishing and aquaculture export products and developing the official fishing statistics in Chile.

The strategic aims of the National Fisheries Service are:
1. Monitoring, control and surveillance of the level of compliance with legal rules and regulations established with relation to fisheries and aquaculture activities.
2. Strengthen the enforcement of aquaculture activities in order to protect the country’s health and environmental status.
3. Collaborate in the country’s export efforts, providing the official support required by destination markets by submitting safety certification for fisheries and aquaculture export products.
4. Develop and maintain information regarding fisheries activities and managing fisheries and aquaculture records in order to facilitate the decision making process to comply with fisheries regulations and the development of the country’s official fisheries statistics.
5. Participate in the development of the artisanal fisheries sector through the dissemination of fisheries policies and regulations and technical support.

In accordance to legislation, Sernapesca is tasked with:

1. Executing national fisheries policies and enforcing the compliance of the laws and regulations that regulate the activity. Protect the health status of fisheries products aimed for international markets, by proposing development plans for recreational fishing, exercising the tuition of marine parks and reserves, providing the official fisheries statistics of the fisheries sector in Chile.
2. Chair the five Zonal Fisheries Councils and the twelve Regional Fisheries Councils established by the General Law on Fisheries and Aquaculture.
3. Act as Executive Secretary of the Artisanal Fishing Development Fund, established by said Law.

To comply with its Institutional Mission and the tasks entrusted by Law, Sernapesca has a central management institutional structure present nation-wide from the city of Arica to the city of Puerto Williams, including Easter Island.

The National Fisheries headquarters is located in Valparaíso and performs its technical, management and coordination functions through the following departments and units:

1. Fisheries Management Department
2. Fisheries Inspection and Enforcement Department
3. Fisheries Statistics and Information Systems Department
4. Fisheries Health Department
5. Artisanal Fisheries Department
6. Legal Department
7. Management and Finance Department

1. Information Technology and Communications Unit
2. Animal Health Unit
3. Internal Auditing Unit.
4. Staff Development Unit.

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